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Our History

It was 1993 and I decided to embark on a part time hobby of creating flavored butter blends for retail grocers. After dabbling in this for about a year and a half, it was time to see what could really be made of this little side business. Starting with only a Kitchen Aide table top mixer, a 6 foot stainless steel work table, and a single door reach-in freezer, flavored butter-making became my full time job. While the endeavor was very exciting, it proved to be quite a challenge due to the fact that most people didn't know how to use it. After about nine months and a million grocery store demos, I received a call from a local restaurant chain asking if I could produce focaccia bread for their eight restaurants.

Well, of course I could! Even though I had actually only baked bread once when I was 21 years old, I needed a boost in capital and this was the magical answer. At the time, I was sharing a licensed kitchen with a friend who baked desserts for a living. I asked to use her mixer, oven and freezer and soon began the daunting task of making 100 sheet pans of focaccia bread. That first order took twenty-three and one half hours to complete, but I could instantly see my future was going to be in bread.

The rest is simply history. The bread was so much easier to sell that my focus quickly turned to creating more breads of many different flavors. Today Royal Kitchens, Inc. produces over sixty different flavors, shapes, and sizes of specialty breads, with focaccia still being our signature.

And the journey continues!


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